Nikhil loves to take on challenges and delivering value. He has hands-on experience building Backend systems for various Business domains on Cloud infrastructure. Along with integrations from AI/ML and Data Science stacks such as Recommender Systems, Document processing and workflow engine, microservices for AI/ML & web backend.

Nikhil loves to write code in Python, Golang & TypeScript. Nikhil has a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications from the University of Pune (2011) and a Master in Management Studies (with a concentration in Marketing) from the University of Mumbai (2015). Before his career shift to Cloud engineering & Data Science, Nikhil has worked with various tech companies and startups in multiple roles starting with Tech-support, Sales, Digital Marketing and Teaching.

Nikhil works as a Full-stack Cloud Engineer with a focus on ML & Data Science at Deloitte LLP in Mumbai. He has built production-grade Backend systems and AI-Machine & Deep Learning-based applications for Fortune 500 ​clients.