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Namaste 🙏

Namaste 🙏

Welcome to my tech blog, I intend to cover various topics from Full stack development

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Nikhil Akki
·Dec 12, 2022·

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Here are some topics, I would love to cover -

  1. Cloud - GCP, AWS, Azure, Linode, Digital Ocean etc.

  2. Software Engineering -

    • Backend using Python, TypeScript (NodeJS & Deno) and Golang

    • Frontend - React, Flutter etc.

  3. IoT -

    • Tinkering with Sensors

    • Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  4. DevOps & Infra-

    • Terraform, Pulumi, GitHub Actions etc.

    • Kubernetes, Docker, Podman etc.

    • K3s

    • Linux, Bash scripting

My goal for this blog is to serve as documentation. If you want to dicuss or colaborate, feel free to reach on any one of my social media handles.

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